Concord Grape Juice Product Comparison

Concord Grape Growers' Concentrate One Quart
  • $13 Price
  • 5.33 Quarts reconstituted juice
  • $2.44 $ / Quart
Name Brand Retail 64oz. (two quarts)
  • $4 Price
  • $2 Quarts reconstituted juice
  • $2.00 $ / Quart

Our 100% Concord Grape Juice Concentrate not only tastes better than any "premium" 100% grape juice product found in your local grocery store. It is also costs less*!!! So, why buy the name brand grape juice that says "Made with Concord Grapes"** when you can get the real taste of 100% concord grape juice delivered to to your home?

Our 120 dedicated grape farmers thank you for valuing the quality product they have produced since 1929!

* when purchased in case quantities

** these 100% grape juice products typically have only 30% - 40% concord grapes, but are still advertised in this manner to provide the perception of better quality

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