100% Pure American Concord Grape Juice

Our 100% Concord Grape Juice Concentrate not only tastes better than any "premium" 100% grape juice product found in your local grocery store. It also costs less (see price comparison chart). Concord Grape Juice: Great Taste for a Healthy Heart

Concord grape juice has a rich taste, is loaded with powerful antioxidants, and can help promote a healthy heart in many ways.

Great Tasting Grape Juice
Great Taste...

Our grape juice is made from good, old-fashioned American Concord grapes from New York's famed grape growing region. Now you can order it direct from the growers. Not blended or watered down, this is the way grape juice should taste. Tasting is believing, and one taste and you'll never go back to those store-bought brands. Concentrated and ready to mix with water and enjoy, Concord grape juice is the economical and delicious way to enjoy the great taste and get all of the health benefits grapes offer.

... and Great for You

Antioxidants are the new buzzword in health and nutrition. Concord grape juice ranks the highest in antioxidant capacity of most common beverages (see graphs). Eating your fruits and vegetables never goes out of style and a serving of concord grape juice packs the goodness of the concord grape into a glass for you to enjoy all year round. In addition, you have probably read about the health benefits derived from moderate wine consumption. Non-wine drinkers, take heart. You, too, may benefit from resveratrol--the heart healthy compound found in wine and thought to maintain normal cholesterol--by drinking grape juice. Research at Cornell University showed that grape juice contained more resveratrol than is found in many wines. Resveratrol also helps promote the flexibility of arteries, which helps improve circulation. Concord grape juice is naturally low in sodium and contains no fat or cholesterol, and one cup of 100% Concord grape juice contains 75% of the potassium of a banana. As with other natural fruit products, Concord grape juice contains a variety of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. But, most importantly, recent studies point to the "heart-healthy" effects of drinking purple grape juice. Research on phytochemicals has focused on flavonoids contained in Concord and other purple grape juice. These flavonoids, which were initially identified in research on red wine, are naturally occurring compounds that may help maintain a healthy heart.


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